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Last Updated: Oct 18, 2019 12:43PM AWST
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Add information about Shares (Equity), Members (Shareholders) & Officeholders (Directors)

Start by creating the Classes of Shares for the Company. A typical Australian Pty Ltd Company will simply have Ordinary Shares. Usually a certain number of shares will be authorized for each class.

Shares typically have a face value. To capitalise a company, shares are issued with a face value in exchange for cash. If cash per share collected is less than the face value, shares are said to have been issued at a discount. If cash per share collected is more than the face value, shares are said to be issued at a premium. I cash collected per share is equal to the face value, shares are said to be issued at par.

Typically, special classes of shares i.e. Special Class A Shares have rights & restrictions associated with the shares. Perhaps a special share only pays dividends or may have limited voting rights.

Add in the company shareholders

Add in the company officeholders

Create Issued Capital. Note that you must issue the share before you allocate it to a member.
Since in the example below paid per share is equal to the share face value, the shares are said to have been issued at par.

If not all the cash is collected in exchange for the shares then reflect the amount unpaid in the Unapid Per Share field.


Once shares are issued they need to be assigned to a member

Select the Shareholder / Member

Select from the Issued Shares to assign to this Member. Indicate the number of shares & if the shares are fully paid or not.

If you are working with certificates, create a certificate number for the batch of shares issued to the member and note the serial numbers for the From:To of the batch.

Where the shares are not beneficially held, then they are held on behalf of another person or Organisation. In the example below, Andrew Noble above is holding the shares for the benefit of M&J Noble Family Trust.

Note that the shares can be transferred or disposed of using the following function 

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